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Southern Powder Coaters is your partner in protecting metal fixtures. We can provide aluminium powder coating Adelaide services for security doors and extrusions, car and bike parts, outdoor settings, pool and home fencing, with chromate pre-treatment for aluminium items. We have a fast job turnaround and a large selection of colours to choose from. Southern Powder Coaters has extensive experience in the aluminium powder coating Adelaide industry and has been servicing South Australia for more than two decades. Be it aluminium, cast, or steel, as long as it is metal, we can powder coat it. Our high quality working standards and our years of expertise allows us to provide top of the line services that meet our customer demands. You can visit our workshop at 41 Lindsay Road, Lonsdale, South Australia 5160 from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm or call us on (08) 8322 5200.

Professional Aluminium Powder Coating Adelaide Service

Breakaway from conventional liquid paint by using the innovative technology of powder coating. Aluminium powder coating Adelaide can be used to protect aluminium surfaces at home, in your vehicle, or for commercial use. Southern Powder Coaters offers you a superior quality aluminium powder coating Adelaide service. Our work includes material preparation or pre-treatment to remove dirt, oil, and contaminates from the surface to ensure adhesion between the powder and base metal. Items are then placed into a chromate tank for chromate conversion which is the Australian Standard for aluminium. Once the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and pre-treated, we apply the powder coat using an electrostatic gun to obtain an even finish. Lastly, the items are heat cured, ensuring the powder is bonded to the metal. Southern powder coaters offer a wide range of colours and finishes to suit domestic and commercial applications.

A High Quality Aluminium Powder Coating Adelaide Service You Can Trust

At Southern Powder Coaters, we not only pride ourselves on our excellent quality aluminium powder coating Adelaide services, but also in maintaining a green and sustainable workshop that utilises solar panels and rainwater. We ensure our aluminium powder coating Adelaide services comply with the Australian Standards 3715:2002 and 1580:2004. We regularly send samples to be tested at Dulux laboratories to measure the quality of our work. These tests assess compliance of corrosion, adhesion, blistering and will be subjected to a stress test of 1000 hours of acidic salt spray. This guarantees that you get only the most durable powder coating job. Our commitment to quality and customer service makes us the number one choice for powder coating services in South Australia.

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