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Protect and improve the appearance of your metal products with metal powder coating Adelaide. The team here at Southern Powder Coaters have over two decades of experience and are experts in the metal powder coating Adelaide.  We specialise in powder coating metal items such as cast steel and aluminium. Whether it be architectural designs, doors, windows, screens, balustrades, car and bike parts, or fences – we can powder coat it. The team here at Southern Powder Coaters are dedicated to providing the best quality powder coating service in South Australia. Quality and customer service is our trademark, we have been providing exceptional metal powder coating Adelaide services since 1989. You can visit the Southern Powder Coaters’ workshop at 41 Lindsay Road, Lonsdale, South Australia 5160 from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm or call us on (08) 8322 5200. Learn more about our services at or visit our Facebook page ‘Southern Powder Coaters’.

Our Metal Powder Coating Adelaide Services

Did you know that any bare metal can be protected through our metal powder coating Adelaide services? The team here at Southern Powder Coaters offers metal powder coating Adelaide in a variety of colours and finishes. We have a variety of powder types you can choose from. One of our powder types is the standard polyester coating which can be used to coat almost any metal items. We usually coat garden furniture, lighting, automotive wheels, aluminium windows and doors with this standard polyester coating. The Duralloy 272 product is a durable film coating that has been specifically designed to withstand the extremes of the Australian climate. This anti-graffiti coating is a premium and graffiti resistant powder coating. Additionally, Duralloy 272 is low maintenance. Generally, these powders can be used over aluminium, steel, zinc-coated metals and castings. Our team can assist you in selecting the powder best suited to your specific application.

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When selecting a team to provide powder coating, choose only the best metal powder coating Adelaide service providers– Southern Powder Coaters. Our service is customer focused and we have extensive knowledge on metal powder coating Adelaide. We pride ourselves on providing the best powder coating service in Adelaide. We offer free pick-up and delivery to approved account customers. We not only implement a high working standard, but also enforce green working procedures in our workshop.  Additionally, we are licensed by the Environment Protection Authority. If you want to give your metal fixtures an aesthetic upgrade and protect them from the elements, contact us, Southern Powder Coaters. We are the best in the business. You can request a quote from Southern Powder Coaters by visiting our website’s contact page or by calling us on (08) 8322 5200.

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Request a free quote today for your metal powder coating Adelaide by calling (08) 8322 5200. Our workshop is located at 41 Lindsay Road, Lonsdale, South Australia and is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

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