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Security is a priority for all of us, so investing in different features for our homes or businesses to secure our protection against burglars and criminals is becoming essential. This is where security doors and screens play a special role in home and business protection. Manufactured and installed correctly they can prevent any unauthorised persons entering your premises. Unfortunately due to them being used every day, security doors can deteriorate quite quickly if they are not coated correctly with the right materials. Southern Powder Coaters specialise in aluminium powder coating, which help ensure your security doors get quality protection against environmental conditions. We use highly durable polyesters that are ideal for architectural residential fittings such as doors, windows, screens, balustrades and fences. They are equally suited to interior items and other metal substrates.

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Powder Coating Services for Your Security Doors and Screens in Adelaide

We value your security as much as you do. We give your security doors the coating protection they deserve by using only the most superior quality powder coating. We enforce green working procedures, with the use of solar power and using rain water in our processing. Not only are your assets protected from paint failure but the environmental benefits as well.

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The Best Powder Coating Service

We only give the best to our valued clients by ensuring that our powder coating meets the Australian Standards 3715:2002 and 1580:2004. We regularly send samples to the Dulux laboratories for testing. These tests are for corrosion, adhesion, blistering and must still be in good condition after 1000 hours of acidic salt spray. We give our clients customer satisfaction by providing a high quality powder coating service. You can rely on Southern Powder Coaters for your powder coating needs.

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