Do I have a choice of product type?

Yes, we provide a large variety of powder coating types for all situations. However in general the aluminium industry uses two main types of products: Standard Polyesters and Premium.

Standard Polyesters

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Standard Polyesters are the workhorse of the powder coating industry. They are used on everything from garden furniture to lighting and automotive wheels to aluminium windows and doors.

Duralloy 272

Duralloy 272 line was designed specifically with Australian conditions in mind. Each colour has been aligned to popular Australian finishes and standards, and the durability has been developed to ensure the performance is reliable. Previously this type of product has been available for use on commercial architectural projects carrying a warranty for colour performance and film integrity. With the advent of new raw materials and new technology this high quality powder is now available to everyone.


Graffiti resistant powder coatings have been available for several years now and advantages are well understood. The additional investment in the premium coating is easily off set by the reduced maintenance costs and longer life of surfaces prone to the graffiti artist’s hand.

Colour range

We have a large selection of stock colours and effects, suitable for a wide range of applications. In general, all of these powders can be used with confidence over aluminium, steel, zinc-coated metals and castings. Some products are more suited to certain metals than other powders and reference to the specific product chemistry should be made to confirm most appropriate applications.

Blasting Services – Garnet

SPC also offers Garnet blasting, which is fully EPA compliant. Garnet is a high quality general purpose blasting abrasive, where by the abrasive media (Garnet) is propelled under high pressure, in a stream against the metal surface. This process removes rust, corrosion, unwanted paint and oils from the substrate leaving a clean profile for which the powder coating can adhere to, without any further sanding or preparation required.

What can be blasted?

Below is a list of some of the products we’ve blasted over the years, no job is too small!

  • - Agricultural Equipment
  • - Automotive Parts
  • - Bicycles
  • - Furniture
  • - Motorbikes
  • - Structural Components, Gates, Handrails, Doors
    and more!

Give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.

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