Aluminium Powder Coating Adelaide

Powder Coating

Our three-decades of operations in South Australia has cemented our status as a reputable household name in the powder coating industry. We provide a wide range of powder coating applications that are tailored to your specific needs, with all available in a range of colours so you can achieve a consistent style. For metal and aluminium coating we use 2 highly durable products; standard polyester and Duralloy 272. Our polyester coating can be used to coat almost all metal items, including garden furniture, lighting, automotive wheels, and aluminium windows & doors. Duralloy 272 is a low maintenance film coating that has been specifically designed to withstand the extremes of the Australian climate, with this powder generally used over aluminium, steel, zinc-coated metals and castings. If you are ever unsure of which powder will best suit your specific application, our team is here to help!

Sand Blasting

Our Garnet Blasting service is EPA compliant, with the benefits of less dust and no safety hazards at the equivalent production rate of silica sand. Garnet is a high quality, general purpose blasting abrasive. The abrasive substance (garnet) is propelled at a high pressure against the metal surface. This process works to remove rust, corrosion, unwanted paint and oils from the substrate, leaving behind a clean profile on which the powder coating can adhere to without any further sanding or preparation required.


Any form of bare metal can be brought back to life with the help of a powder coating application. No job is too big or small, with our unrivalled knowledge of the powder coating market allowing us to provide a service that is truly unique for our fellow South Australians. Restoring your existing items is generally a much cheaper alternative than complete replacement, with the item restored to a state that is potentially more durable than it was when it was brand new.

About Us

As a proudly South Australian owned & operated company, Southern Powder Coaters boast an impressive three-decade long experience in the local powder coating market. In this time, we have constantly worked to improve the efficiency and quality of our service, supported by our superior up-to-date technologies, while offering the highest possible level of customer experience. We only utilise the best available coating powders to ensure we are compliant with Australian standards; however, we take this one step further by voluntarily sending samples to the Interpon laboratories for testing, with a report generated after 2 months of stringent assessment to guarantee the quality and reliability of our products. So, when we say we are the best powder coater in South Australia, you can trust what we have the process to prove it.

Protect Your Investments Today with Aluminium Powder Coating Adelaide

Southern Powder Coaters is the best choice for aluminium powder coating Adelaide. We can provide powder coating for security doors, extrusions, car and bike parts, outdoor settings, home fencing and more. We pride ourselves on efficiency and variety, with a large selection of colours to choose from to suit your preferences and existing décor. Our team boast extensive industry experience and have been servicing South Australian’s for over two decades. Whether you’re looking to have aluminium, cast or steel powder coated, we can accommodate! We’re consistent with our high-quality work, and our years of expertise in the trade have helped us establish great client rapport to complement our work.

A High-Quality Aluminium Powder Coating Adelaide Service You Can Trust

At Southern Powder Coaters, we care just as much about the environment as we do about the quality of our aluminium powder coating Adelaide. Our workshop is fitted with solar panels and a rainwater tank to ensure we sustainably operate, with minimal environmental impact. All of our powder coating services are carried out in accordance with Australian standards (3715:2002 and 1580:2004). The Southern Powder Coaters team regularly send samples to Dulux laboratories for durability testing. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, the product is subjected to a stress test of 1000 hours of acidic salt spray, and other tests are undertaken to assess corrosion, adhesion and blistering. This guarantees that the resilience and overall value of our product is worth your money, because customer service always takes precedence. For the best powder coating services South Australia has to offer, call us for your aluminium powder coating Adelaide.

Professional Aluminium Powder Coating Adelaide Service

Are you looking for a professional team who can conduct aluminium powder coating Adelaide? Look no further than Southern Powder Coaters. We have adopted a meticulous process which reflects our high-quality promise. Before coating, we prepare materials and pre-treat the surface in order to remove dirt, oil, and contaminates that may interfere with the finish. This process also ensures that there is adhesion between the powder and base metal; enabling long-lasting results. We then place the compounds into a chromate tank for conversion. Chromate conversion is a requirement, specified by the Australian Standard for aluminium. Once the surfaces are cleaned and pre-treated, we apply the powder coat using an electrostatic gun to obtain an even finish. Lastly, the items are heat cured, ensuring that the powder is firmly bonded to the metal. Southern Powder Coaters offer a wide range of colours and finishes to suit domestic and commercial applications.

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