Any Bare Metal Can Be Powder Coated


Any form of bare metal can be brought back to life with the help of a powder coating application. No job is too big or small, with our unrivalled knowledge of the powder coating market allowing us to provide a service that is truly unique for our fellow South Australians. Restoring your existing items is generally a much cheaper alternative than complete replacement, with the item restored to a state that is potentially more durable than it was when it was brand new.

Car and bike parts

Outdoor settings

Pool fencing

Seven-metre oven

Full pre-treatment for aluminium

Fast turnaround and large colour selections

Full sand blasting service available

Service Process

We use 2 products which have been proven to stand the test of time. Our standard polyester coating can be used to treat almost any metal surface, including automotive wheels, aluminium windows & doors, lighting and garden furniture. This substance is incredible versatile, offering a durable powder coating solution for a range of objects. Secondly, our Duralloy 272 powder has been specifically designed to withstand the the extreme Australian climate, and is generally applied over aluminium, steel, zinc-coated metals and castings. This low maintenance coating also comes with the added benefit of an anti-graffiti film coating, so in the event it is vandalised, if can be restored to it’s originally coated state.

Quality Assurance

To attain the highest level of quality control with our processes, we send samples of our powder coating work to the Akzo Nobel labs to undergo a thorough testing procedure. This test takes three months to complete as the samples are subject to 1000 hours of acetic acid salt spray. This is to determine any imperfections to the powder coated areas looking for adhesions, blistering or corrosion to base metal. We are proud to say we have passed every test.

It is also important to note that these tests are not an industry requirement, the testing is undertaken to keep our standards and quality at the highest possible level. This is part of our continuous improvement program to ensure that we are at the forefront of powder coating technology and processes.

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